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Discover The New Power In Your Wireless Device
Put all of your important business and scheduled activities right in the palm of your hand -- any time of day, anywhere you go! PageAbility Mail-Link's breakthrough technology gives you this new power by combining the benefits of e-mail communications and electronic scheduling with the portability of your message-ready phone, PDA or alphanumeric pager. Mail-Link will keep you connected by paging you with all your important e-mail messages and scheduled calendar events whenever you are away from your PC.
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Always Staying in Touch with Your Important E-mail
In today's fast-paced and competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever to stay connected to ALL of your important business communications-anytime, anywhere. For years wireless phones have provided you with remote access to the information you need. But today, you use e-mail for half of your business messaging, so half of your important business communications are not available to you when you are away from your PC. The simple fact is that important e-mail doesn't become unimportant-just because you are away from your office! PageAbility Mail-Link forwards your important messages from up to three e-mail accounts to your wireless device. Now you can leave the office with the assurance that you will always be in touch with the "other half" of your business communications-your important e-mail. In addition, Mail-Link includes a carefully designed feature-set that delivers information in a way that makes sense to today's wireless device user.
One Address, Worldwide Unified Access
When you run Mail-Link on your PC, anyone in the world can easily page you simply by doing what they already know how to do-by sending a message to your regular e-mail address! Mail-Link totally eliminates the need for message senders to deal with special instructions, PIN numbers, secondary wireless e-mail addresses or special page-sending software. Mail-Link turns e-mail into paged messages, and when you return to your PC, all of those messages will be right where they ought to be-in your own e-mail inbox!
Get the Message, Not Just a Number
By ingeniously linking your e-mail to your pager, Mail-Link allows anyone in the world to easily page you with a detailed text message, not just a phone number. So you'll never have to find a phone or interrupt an important meeting just to respond to an unimportant page! Of course, since you probably wouldn't want to receive all of your e-mail on your wireless device, Mail-Link allows you to decide which messages from which senders may require your immediate attention when you are away from your PC.
Only the Information You Need - Only When You Need It
Mail-Link's sophisticated message-filtering system allows you to tailor your wireless messaging to fit with your priorities and daily agenda. Mail-Link will not dump all of your e-mail into your wireless device-not unless you want it to! Instead, you will be paged only with those important e-mail messages that require your attention when you are away from your office-and only during the time of day you specify. Messages that do not require your immediate attention will be waiting for you as regular e-mail when you return to your PC. And with the 'Remote Control' feature, if your agenda changes, you can easily change Mail-Link's important settings from any remote location.
Wireless Reminders and Schedule Details
Always stay on time and in touch with your appointments and important contact information. Mail-Link works with its own built-in scheduler or with popular scheduling programs like Outlook, ACT! and GoldMine to page you with detailed reminders of your daily appointments and scheduled calendar events. You can prevent specified events from being sent to your wireless device, and you can even set up a reminder "lead-time" so that you will have enough time to make it on time when you are in the field or on the road.
Special Features for Special Needs
E-mail messaging and wireless messaging are like apples and oranges, and making e-mail fit sensibly into a wireless device's tiny screen and limited memory requires a very special set of features. That why we designed Mail-Link from the ground up to fulfill the special needs of today's wireless device user. Mail-Link's advanced wireless technology takes wireless e-mail messaging from a barely usable curiosity to a must-have connectivity requirement. Mail-Link includes a virtual wish-list of essential wireless features unmatched by any e-mail program, e-mail forwarding service or other wireless messaging solution.
PageAbility Mail-Link Features
You can easily configure Mail-Link's rich feature-set to match the specific requirements of your daily agenda. Total compatibility with today's popular e-mail programs, message-ready wireless devices and any PCS, GSM, SMS or alphanumeric paging service provider insures that you can stay in touch with your important e-mail communications no matter where you are, anywhere in the world.

E-mail Monitoring E-mail can be monitored via MAPI (Exchange, Outlook, Windows Messaging System, etc.), VIM (Lotus Notes), Novell GroupWise and POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Screenshot

E-mail Forwarding E-mail messages can be forwarded to wireless devices via MAPI, VIM, Internet (SMTP, SNPP), and Direct Dial to carrier paging terminals (Internet, TAP/IXO and ASCII protocols). Screenshot

E-mail Filtering E-mail messages can be selectively forwarded by filtering (1) senders email address, (2) keywords in the subject line, (3) keywords in the message body, or (4) any combination of the three. Filters can be configured as Include Only (forward all messages that meet any filter's criteria), Exclude Only (do not forward messages that meet any filter's criteria), or individually Include and Exclude. Screenshot

Priority Passcodes Special Priority Passcode filters insure that e-mail messages sent by specified senders will always be forwarded to your wireless device. Screenshot

A report form, based on your e-mail filters, displays which messages will, and will not, be forwarded to your wireless device. This summary allows you to quickly determine whether or not you need to make any changes to your e-mail filters before you leave your home or office. Screenshot
E-mail Filter Summary

Exclusive Dual-Phase Spam Filtering prevents 99% of junk e-mail from reaching your wireless device. Screenshot
Spam Filtering

Attachment Notification When an e-mail message includes an attachment, the forwarded message begins with <A> to notify you of the attachment.

E-mail Accounts
Support for simultaneous wireless message forwarding from up to three POP3/IMAP4 e-mail accounts.

Message forwarding can be scheduled to occur 24 hours per day or for any time during a 24 hour period.
Time Settings

Group Paging
Messages can be forwarded to your wireless device as well as to other recipients' wireless devices or e-mail addresses. Message sharing is based on e-mail filtering, which provides complete control over which individuals or groups receive which messages. Screenshot

Reporting Message Log with search functions displays the time logged, status, full text, and other information about every message and scheduled calendar event that is forwarded. Screenshot A full-featured Reports module allows you to view, print or save a variety of reports based on numerous sorting and selection criteria. Screenshot

Smart Message Breaking Overcomes your wireless carrier's maximum character limit per message. With message breaking, long messages are split into several parts and sequentially forwarded to your wireless device. Just as important, you can avoid receiving too many pages and overloading your wireless device's memory by limiting the number of pages in a long message. Message-breaking options are based on e-mail filters, allowing you to select the length of wireless messages according to the importance of the sender, subject and/or body of each message.

Remote Control You can stop and start Mail-Link and reconfigure all of it's most important settings simply by sending it a password-protected e-mail message from any remote PC.

Shorthand With the Shorthand Translator, you can reduce your monthly paging bills and automatically convert words and phrases (like e-mail addresses to names and phone numbers) in the wireless messages you receive. Includes built-in customizable lexicon. Screenshot

To maximize messaging efficiency, redundant non-alphanumeric characters that are sequential and in sets of three or higher are reduced to a single character in wireless messages. For example, a row of hyphens used as a separator in an e-mail message will be reduced to a single hyphen in the forwarded message.
Character Reduction

PIM Connectivity Send reminders and scheduled calendar events and contact information to your wireless device via automatic links to popular PIM's like MS Outlook, ACT! and GoldMine (even when they are not running) or via Mail-Link's built-in daily planner. "Lead Time" feature allows you to receive scheduled event notifications at a predetermined number of minutes before the occurance of events so you can be on time. Screenshot

CostManagement System When used with PageAbility SMCS Server, allows companies to proactively control wireless messaging costs for all individuals and departments. Can also be run by the end-user in a non-enterprise environment to monitor and control personal messaging activity. Screenshot

Mail-Link offers maximum flexibility by forwarding messages via the Internet or via direct dialup to carriers paging terminals for faster and more reliable transmission of critical messages.

Compatibility Mail-Link works with any message-ready phone, PDA, or alphanumeric pager, Windows-compatible e-mail programs and any PCS, SMS, GSM or alphanumeric paging service provider that supports Internet (SMTP,SNPP), TAP/IXO and ASCII transmission protocols.

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