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D/L Spec Sheet Text Format
Lotus Notes
Novell GroupWise v5.X and up
POP3/IMAP4 server
E-mail Monitored via

E-Mail Forwarded via

Lotus Notes
Novell GroupWise
SMTP server
Direct Dialup to carrier paging terminal

Sender's e-mail address always forwarded
E-mail Forwarding
Features and Options
Send: Subject only, message body only, both subject and body
Message Breaking - break messages that exceed carrier's maximum character per message limit into multiple sequential consecutive pages with option to limit maximum number of pages per message
Limit maximum number of characters per message
E-mail attachment notification

Scheduled Event Monitoring

Mail-Link's built-in calendar or external PIM's are optionally monitored every minute for scheduled events independently of email monitoring
External PIM's do not have to be running in order to be monitored
External PIM's currently supported:
Outlook 97/98/2000, Schedule+, ACT! 3.03 and above, GoldMine 3.0/4.0, TeleMagic

Scheduled Event Sending Send reminders and scheduled calendar event details to wireless device
User-specified "lead time" can be added to scheduled event time; i.e. an appointment scheduled for 1:00 PM can be sent to user's device at 12:45 PM
Option not to forward scheduled events that begin with a user-specified first character

E-mail Filtering

Selective e-mail message forwarding with user-defined include/exclude settings based upon any one, or any combination, of the following criteria:

  • E-mail address, From, and To Fields
  • Subject line keywords
  • Message body keywords

E-mail filters can be individually customized according to the following criteria:

  • Send: Subject only, Message body only, both
  • Maximum character limit per message
  • Break large messages into several pages
  • Send no more than X number of pages per message
  • Ignore time settings and always send message
  • Forward to user defined groups
  • Auto-expire on specified date
  • Set to active or inactive

One or more e-mail filters may be active at any one time

CostManagement System Restrict monthly usage based on number of characters or messages
Synchronize usage restrictions with wireless service billing cycle date
Option to prorate monthly usage
Option to increase usage limits with automatic reversion to previous limits on user-specified date
Wireless alert messages sent when 80%, 90% and 100% of monthly usage limit is reached
Optionally discontinue e-mail forwarding when usage limit is reached
Real-time display of monthly usage limits and characters or messages available for balance of current month

Group Paging Messages can be forwarded to the user's wireless device as well as to other recipients' pagers or e-mail accounts
User can set up paging groups; individuals can be added to more than one group; messages can be forwarded to an entire group or to specified individuals within a group, to multiple groups, and to specified individuals across groups; message distribution is based on sender, subject, message content specified in e-mail filter associated with specific group
Message duplication monitoring prevents recipients belonging to more than one group from receiving same message more than once

Priority Passcodes Message Pass-through: Messages that include specified user-defined "Priority Passcode" characters are always forwarded to wireless device

Privacy: Temporary Priority Passcodes can be employed to allow specified senders limited access to the user's wireless device and can be set to expire on a specified date

Multiple E-mail
Account Support

Supports simultaneous message monitoring and forwarding for up to three e-mail accounts

All monitoring and forwarding functions can be paused and resumed with a single mouse click or via remote control
Pause/Resume Function

Time Settings Support for 12-hour and 24-hour time formats
Message and scheduled event forwarding can be set to occur 24 hours per day or for any time during a 24 hour period

SPAM Filtering
Built-in heuristic Dual-Phase SPAM filtering prevents 99.5 percent of all SPAM from being forwarded to wireless device
Matching against junk e-mail database with 17,000+ addresses; automatic online updates


Built-in shorthand translator with user-customizable lexicon of abbreviations optionally allows reduction of number of characters per message; auto-translate words/phrases (i.e., e-mail addresses into names and phone numbers)

Built-in Scheduler

Complete calendar and daily planner with option to print daily agenda

E-mail Filter Summary A spreadsheet-style report form based on e-mail filters displays which messages will and will not be forwarded to your wireless device


Password protection for all configuration settings, monitoring, pausing, and reporting

Reporting Message Log displays message transmission statuses, sender, recipient, date/time logged, beginning of message body, full message text in separate window; option to re-send any message
Search on sender or message text string
Error Log displays a variety of potential connection errors, message monitoring errors and message sending errors
A full range of reports with sorting and selection options can be viewed, printed, saved to disk

Connection Options Direct dialup to carrier paging terminals with support for TAP/IXO, and ASCII protocols

Character Reduction

Redundant non-alphanumeric characters that are sequential and in sets of three or higher are reduced to a single character in wireless messages

Accelerated Transmission Processing
Mach-2 Messaging Engine
Message Queue Re-sequencing
Intelligent Message Grouping

Operating System

Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0

Compatibility Mail-Link works with any message-ready phone, PDA or alphanumeric pager and any PCS, SMS, GSM or wireless carrier that supports Internet (SMTP, SNPP), TAP/IXO and ASCII protocols
Mail-Link is compatible with the following e-mail clients: E-mail Connection, Emissary, Eudora, Exchange, Novell GroupWise v5.x and up, Lotus Notes 32-bit, Microsoft Mail, Netscape Mail, Outlook, Pegasus, Pronto, RUMBA Mail, Spry Mail, Z-Mail, and most other MAPI and/or SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 e-mail programs

System Requirements 16MB RAM minimum
13MB free disk space for installation
Hayes-compatible modem or network Internet connection
Any compatible e-mail program (listed above)
E-mail account
Alphanumeric wireless device and service

Y2K Compliance All PageAbility programs (v3.0 and up) are Y2K compliant. There are no conflicts and no run-time errors associated with what is commonly referred to as the Y2K problem or "bug." However, if your operating system, (including but not limited to, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT), BIOS (Basic Input-Output System), or any other system or software program is not Y2K compliant, we cannot guarantee that PageAbility will function properly when used on the same computer system. In that case, please contact the manufacturers of the non-compliant system or software.

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