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Send Wireless Text Messages Right From Your Own PC!
PageAbility Messenger is a full-featured wireless text message-dispatching program that allows you to easily compose and send text messages to any alphanumeric wireless device from the convenience of your own PC! No other wireless messaging product can match Messenger for speed, convenience and reliability.

Powerful Features, Increased Messaging Efficiency
Why use an old-fashioned paging terminal when anyone in your office can use a high-performance, high-volume wireless message dispatching program to send pages to any message-ready wireless device from the convenience of his or her own PC? PageAbility Messenger's unlimited Address Book allows you to instantly page any recipient with a single mouse click. The Group Paging feature allows you to set up any number of groups and send the same messages to multiple individuals with drag-and-drop ease. Speed Messages, Automatic Message-Breaking, Dialing Location Profiles, Carrier Database, Message Log, Flexible Reports and a host of other easy-to-use convenience features make Messenger the ideal single-user or corporate wireless message dispatching tool.

The World's Fastest Paging Dispatcher
When big business needs a page-dispatching program that packs a big punch, PageAbility Messenger will move a mountain of messages faster than anything else on the planet. Look under the hood and you'll find the exclusive advanced Mach-2 Messaging Engine™, capable of completing dial-up transmissions at more than twice the speed of it's closest competitor. Thanks to the high-performance Accelerated Transmission Processing™ and Message Queue Re-Sequencing™ technologies, your company can now transmit more than double the number of messages in a given time period. That's double-time when it comes to efficiency and productivity, but only half-time when it comes to costs.
Designed To Be A Back Seat Driver
You don't want your page-dispatching program to slow down your page dispatcher! That's why we designed Messenger to drive transmissions transparently in the background without interfering with your dispatchers work in the foreground. Although the program includes a full-status transmission window, the complete transmission process can be viewed in real-time on a single button on the Windows taskbar.
Transmission status on minimized button
Self-Inclusive Multi-tasking
Many communication products limit access during transmission to functions that could cause conflicts and database corruption. But every function in PageAbility Messenger is fully accessible during the transmission process. You can even delete recipient and carrier records that are being utilized during the current transmission and messages will still make it to their destinations! Corporate paging dispatchers can work more productively during transmission periods, even when they need to work in Messenger itself.
The Total Wireless Messaging System
When you use Messenger with PageAbility SMCS Server, there's NO LIMIT to how many folks you can keep in the loop! Add Mail-Link, and PageAbility will keep everyone in your company wirelessly connected with cutting-edge technology to all of their important e-mail. Page dispatching, e-mail connectivity, speed, reliability . . . now that's a lean, mean Total Wireless Messaging machine.
Integrated Stand-alone Solutions
Although Messenger and Mail-Link can be run separately as stand-alone programs, they share the same important database records (contacts, carriers, groups) and preference settings to maximize efficiency. This design allows users to run Messenger for page dispatching without extra overhead, while providing a perfectly integrated solution when wireless e-mail connectivity is required.

Messenger Features

Message Sending Send messages to individuals and/or groups with drag-&-drop ease of use. Instantly re-send any message you highlight in the Message Log. Screenshot

Address Book Address Book holds an unlimited number of contact records. Contacts can be assigned to one or more groups. Screenshot

Carrier Database Configure an unlimited number of wireless carriers and assign them to contact records with a single mouse click. Screenshot

Dialing Location Profiles Set up dialing location profiles for Home, Office and Travel so that you can connect to carriers when you change your location (accommodates laptop users). After initial setup, select your location with a single mouse click.

Group Paging Create groups of contacts for dispatching the same message to group members. Duplication checking prevents a contact from receiving the same message more than once. Screenshot

Speed Messages "Speed Messages" allow you quickly send boilerplate messages, such as regular meeting reminders or thank you notes. Saved Speed Messages can be selected for transmission with a single mouse click. Screenshot

Message Entry Enter new text, load text files, or paste text from the Windows clipboard. Date, time and/or a custom signature with your phone number, e-mail address, etc. can be added to each message automatically or manually with a single mouse click. A character counter keeps you apprised of the length of each message.

Reporting Message Log with search functions displays the date and time logged, status, full text, and other information about every message you send. Screenshot A full-featured Reports module allows you to view, print or save a variety of reports based on numerous sorting and selection criteria. Screenshot

Messsage Breaking
Messages that exceed the maximum character limit per message allowed by each recipient's wireless carrier are automatically split into smaller messages and sent in their entirety.

Background Operation
Designed to transmit transparently while providing full access to every program function.

Worldwide Support for Wireless Carriers PageAbility Messenger is compatible with every wireless carrier that supports direct dial TAP/IXO, ASCII or SNPP protocols, including PCS, SMS, GSM and alphanumeric paging service providers.
Compatibility PageAbility Messenger will send messages to any message-ready phone, PDA, or alphanumeric pager serviced by any PCS, SMS, GSM or alphanumeric paging service provider.

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