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Text Format

D/L Spec Sheet Text Format
Message Sending via:
Direct dialup to carrier self-dispatch numbers

Protocols Supported

Message Sending Send messages to individuals and/or groups

Address Book
Holds an unlimited number of contact records

Carrier Database
Holds an unlimited number of wireless carriers records

Dialing Location Profiles
User-configurable for Home, Office and Travel locations

Group Paging
Messages can be transmitted to recipient groups

User can set up paging groups; individuals can be added to more than one group; messages can be forwarded to an entire group or to specified individuals within a group, to multiple groups, and to specified individuals across groups

Message duplication monitoring prevents recipients belongingxto more than one group from receiving same message more than once

Message Entry Enter text, load text files, or paste text from Windows clipboard. Manually or automatically insert date, time and/or a custom signature; Message entry character counter

Reporting Message Log displays date/time logged, transmission status, full text of each message

Reporting module allows user to view, print or save a variety of reports according to numerous sorting and selection criteria

Messsage Breaking
Messages that exceed the maximum character limit per message allowed by each recipient's wireless carrier are automatically split into smaller messages and sent sequentially in their entirety.

Interface and Transmission Technology
TAPI; Direct dialup with built-in RAS dialer; Mach-2 Messaging Engine: Accelerated Transmission Processing; Message Queue Re-sequencing; Intelligent Message Grouping

Multi-tasking Self-Inclusive: All features and functions are available during transmissions

Worldwide Support for Wireless Carriers PageAbility Messenger is compatible with every wireless carrier that supports direct dial TAP/IXO, ASCII or SNPP protocols, including PCS, SMS, GSM and alphanumeric paging service providers.

Operating System
Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0

System Requirements
16MB RAM minimum, 13MB free disk space, Hayes-compatible modem

Copyright 1999
The Software Labs, Inc.