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The Software Labs Brings Advanced Wireless Email And Enhanced Text Messaging To Nextel Wireless Network
The Software Labs' PageAbility Connects Nextel Customers Wirelessly to their Regular Email Accounts and PC Personal Information Managers Devices

Redmond, WA, July 6, 1999: In today's fast-moving marketplace, instant access to important business information can make the difference between success and failure. Because email has become as ubiquitous as voice in the conduct of our day-to-day business, the need to respond quickly to clients, colleagues and critical business issues is as essential for email as it is for voice communications. While sophisticated devices such as Nextel's i1000 Plus phone allow mobile professionals to communicate on the fly by voice or short text messaging, an easy-to-use solution for keeping wirelessly connected to one's regular email account is a necessity for businesspeople on the go. Obviously, important email doesn't become unimportant just because you're away from your PC!

Working seamlessly with any Nextel phone, The Software Labs' 'PageAbility' wireless software gives Nextel subscribers 24/7 nationwide wireless access to their regular email accounts. Furthermore, because PageAbility provides unified access by eliminating the need for separate wireless and email addresses, anyone in the world can send a wireless message to a Nextel-PageAbility user simply by sending it to the user's regular email address. In addition, PageAbility interfaces with the most popular PC-based scheduling software to keep Nextel subscribers wirelessly connected to their daily scheduled events.

"We are very excited about teaming up with Nextel to provide their customers with a more complete wireless messaging solution," said Fred Horowitz, President of The Software Labs. "Nextel is the leading provider of fully integrated wireless communication services, and we feel that the combination of Nextel's innovative services and our advanced wireless software solutions are a great fit."

While travelling or working remotely, connecting to one's LAN or ISP to check for new email is intrusive, time-consuming and often impossible. Therefore, most mobile workers put off retrieving their email until the evening when they return to their PC's. Since you never know if messages requiring your immediate attention will arrive by voice or email, the practice of delaying email retrieval can irreparably damage business dealings as well as relationships. PageAbility's "push" messaging technology eliminates the need to dial in and check for new messages, because important email follows you wherever you go. When an email message arrives in his or her regular email inbox, PageAbility immediately transmits a copy to the user's Nextel phone.

Especially "designed-for-wireless" email filtering is robust yet easy to use and allows Nextel customers complete control which messages they receive as well as message content, length and format. PageAbility's 'Dual-Phase SPAM Filtering System' virtually eliminates unwanted and costly junk email from reaching the user's phone, and the remote control feature allows users to change PageAbility's key functions from a remote location. Group Messaging and the built-in address book allows users to simultaneously forward designated messages to group members, and 'Smart Message Breaking' transforms Nextel's SMS into a full-fledged wireless email service by allowing users to receive as much of each message as necessary beyond Nextel's 140-character per message limit.

Many other special features are included that enhance the usability of wireless email. For example, the 'Shorthand Translator' can be used to automatically insert senders' phone numbers into their messages, making it particularly convenient for Nextel customers to respond to email messages by voice. In addition, the Shorthand Translator reduces character count and service fees by automatically abbreviating words and phrases in messages received on Nextel phones.

The potentially prohibitive cost of wireless email has strained many corporate budgets and deterred others from taking advantage of the benefits of 'anytime-anywhere' email connectivity. PageAbility's exclusive 'CostManagement System' eliminates this concern by enabling companies to proactively control the messaging costs of every employee, without compromising important business communications. In addition, special reports allow companies to fine-tune their wireless service plans in order to minimize costs while optimizing communications.

PageAbility interfaces with the most popular PC PIM's (personal information managers), allowing users to receive detailed, timely reminders of meetings and scheduled events. Because scheduled event notification and details are transmitted to the phone as they come due, it is not necessary for users to plug-in and synchronize their phones with their PC scheduling software. Consequently, PageAbility provides wireless advance notice even for events that are added to or changed in the PC PIM while the user is out of the office.

A separate product, PageAbility 'Messenger', provides a robust platform for single-user or corporate wireless message dispatching from the convenience of users' PC's. In addition, PageAbility 'SMCS Server' provides a high-performance solution for corporations with high-volume messaging demands. SMCS Server includes an advanced feature-set, including centralized administration, security, reporting and transmission alert options.

In addition to working with the Nextel network and the company's entire line of digital phones, PageAbility will work with any PCS, SMS or GSM carrier, alpha pager, digital phone or message-ready PDA, and all of the most popular email programs and platforms. Consequently, Nextel can now provide each customer with a single wireless email connectivity and text messaging solution, regardless of how many different carriers and types of wireless devices are in service.

Nextel Communications Inc., headquartered in Reston, VA, is the leading provider of fully integrated wireless communications and has built the largest guaranteed all-digital wireless network in the United States that covers thousands of communities across the United States. Nextel and Nextel Partners, Inc. currently serve 92 of the top 100 U.S. markets. The Nextel National Network offers a fully integrated wireless communications tool with digital cellular, text/numeric paging and Nextel Direct Connect - a digital two-way radio feature. In addition, through Nextel International, Inc., Nextel has wireless operations and investments in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the Philippines, Peru, Japan and Shanghai, China. You can visit Nextel's web site at

The Software Labs, Inc. is an industry leader in wireless messaging and connectivity applications and has provided software solutions to over five million customers worldwide since 1986. The company has developed and published award-winning products that leverage state-of-the-art technology to enhance corporate and end-user productivity. With over a dozen years of experience in software development, publishing, private labeling, package design, duplication, order fulfillment and retail, corporate and direct mail sales, The Software Labs is well positioned to offer its corporate clients complete turnkey solutions. Information on the company and its products can be obtained by calling (425) 869-6802 or at

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