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Corporate Messaging
High-Performance Business Messaging
PageAbility SMCS Server is our high performance wireless messaging solution designed to support the needs of the smallest to the largest enterprises. SMCS Server has been specially engineered to insure fail-safe transmissions in high-volume messaging environments. The server module simultaneously supports PageAbility Mail-Link for high-speed wireless email forwarding and PageAbility Messenger for fast reliable wireless message dispatching.
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When speed and reliability count, your company can count on PageAbility's exclusive Smart Multi-Modem Channel Switching (SMCS) technology for the highest level of messaging performance.
When Messaging Means Business
By incorporating our exclusive SMCS and Mach-2 Messaging technologies, PageAbility SMCS Server optimized transmission speed and message handling efficiency. SMCS Server's advanced feature-set includes central administration, security, reporting, and transmission alert options, including notification of failed transmissions and/or hardware failures to the system administrator's wireless device. Superior transmission features provide new standards for speed and reliability in the most demanding high-volume messaging environments. Whether your company's daily messaging volume is in the 100- or 100,000-message range, you will have the assurance that SMCS Server fulfills its primary mission: Guaranteed on-time message delivery.
Messaging Management and Cost Control
Combining SMCS Server with PageAbility's Mail-Link and Messenger client programs will allow your organization to reap the benefits of high-speed message dispatching and wireless e-mail forwarding. However, your enhanced messaging capabilities should be accompanied by a concern for potential abuse that can result in unanticipated wireless service fee increases. Just as some employees will succumb to the urge to browse the Internet for personal pleasure during business hours, some will forward their personal and other non-essential e-mail to their wireless devices. But with PageAbility's exclusive CostManagement System, your company will be able to proactively and flexibly control every employee's wireless messaging activity and prevent monthly service fees from increasing beyond budgeted limits-before you get the bill! In addition, special CostManagement Reports will quickly uncover inefficiencies and provide you with the information you need to optimally balance usage with costs by fine tuning individual and departmental wireless service plans. No other wireless messaging product enables your company to take control of its wireless messaging costs.
PageAbility SMCS Server Features
Supports an unlimited number of server-attached modems for high-volume messaging.
Modem Support

(Smart Multi-modem
Channel Switching)
During the transmission process, messages bounce back from an inoperable modem/line and seek the next operable modem/line. Because throughput is independent of modem and/or line failures, SMCS insures failsafe transmissions.

Message Queue
During delay between transmission retries, messages marked for retry are returned to the message queue and next-in-line queued messages are passed through for transmission. This functionality is superior to delaying next-in-line messages until a single message has completed a multiple retry cycle because it keeps the transmission process constantly moving and prevents messages from being delayed.

IntelligentMessage Grouping Queued messages are pre-sorted and multiple messages to same carrier self-dispatch number are sent in a single dialup

Messaging Engine Mach-2 with Accelerated Transmission Processing transmits messages at more than twice the speed of PageAbility's closest competitor

Alerts for system, modem and transmission failures keep network administrators informed of messaging problems. Local alerts include Audio and/or Visual notification. Remote alerts include Pager and/or E-mail notification. Alert types and frequency are configurable to suit individual needs and preferences. Screenshot
System Alerts

System Monitoring System Events Monitor displays the occurrence of every system event as well as details (time logged, transmission status, etc.) for each transmission attempt..

Client Maintenance Administrator can remotely troubleshsoot and configure each client. Global default settings common to all clients can be set up remotely. Screenshot

Security All system and client configuration functions are password protected. Includes user-configurable auto-logout function (logs out from "high-risk" windows to the System Monitor window.

Reporting A full-featured Reports module allows the administrator to view, print or save a variety of reports based on numerous sorting and selection criteria. Screenshot

Compatibility SMCS Server works with any message-ready phone, PDA or alphanumeric pager and any TAP/IXO-compliant wireless service.

Worldwide Support for Wireless Carriers SMCS Server is compatible with every wireless carrier that supports direct dial TAP/IXO or ASCII protocols, including PCS, SMS, GSM and alphanumeric paging service providers.

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