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D/L Spec Sheet Text Format
Modem Support
Unlimited multi-modem support for high-volume messaging

Interface and Transmission
Direct Dialup with built-in RAS dialer

Mach-2 Messaging Engine:
.... Accelerated Transmission Processing
.... Message Queue Re-sequencing
.... Intelligent Message Grouping

Client Configuration Client Administrator module allows managers to preconfigure/reconfigure and optionally lock client settings. Database maintains configurations for different groups within a company.

Message Queue Monitoring Frequency
Variable - configure server message queue to be monitored once per minute to once per day.

Messaging Management

SMCS (Smart Multi-modem Channel Switching)
Queued messages bounce back from failed modems/lines and seek out operable modems/lines

Message Queue Re-sequencing
During dialing delay between dialup retries, next-in-line queued messages are passed through for transmission

Intelligent Message Grouping
Queued messages are pre-sorted and multiple messages to same carrier are sent in a single dialup

System Monitoring
Message Log displays recipient, date/time logged, transmission status

System Alerts
Configurable alerts for system, modem and transmission failures
.... Local alerts - audio and/or visual
.... Remote alerts - to wireless device and/or e-mail account

Reports Configurable message log reports
.... Sort by message date, sender, recipient, carrier
.... Select status - All, successful, cancelled or failed
.... Select sender
.... Select date range
.... Include/do not include full message text

Database Management Purge all message log records or select by sender and/or message date


All system and client configuration functions are password protected

User-configurable auto-logout from secure windows to System Monitoring window

SMCS Server works with any message-ready phone, PDA or alphanumeric pager and any TAP/IXO or ASCII compliant wireless service

Worldwide Support for Wireless Carriers
SMCS Server is compatible with every wireless carrier that supports direct dial TAP/IXO or ASCII protocols, including PCS, SMS, GSM and alphanumeric paging service providers

Operating System
Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0

System Requirements
32MB RAM, 20MB free disk space, one or more Hayes-compatible modems

Copyright 1999
The Software Labs, Inc.