PDF SafeLock provides maximum protection for your organization's sensitive PDF documents. You can limit both user access to restricted PDF's and usage rights for saving, emailing, printing and copying, regardless of the security level written into the PDF file.

Because PDF SafeLock operates independently from Adobe's document level security, you have total control over access and usage rights, even for PDF documents that have no built-in security.

Folders on your file server containing sensitive PDF documents are added to the SafeLock System through the Server Configuration Manager. SafeLock folders are not shared in order to restrict PDF access only to SafeLock Explorer.

SafeLock Server replies to requests from SafeLock Explorer to display restricted folders, which are opened on workstations in a Windows Explorer-like interface. PDF files selected in SafeLock Explorer are encrypted by SafeLock Server and transmitted to the workstation, where they are decrypted and displayed in memory in SafeLock Viewer, which functions much like Acrobat Reader.

Compatibility: SafeLock Server is compatible with the following Windows Server OS's: NT through 2020. SafeLock Explorer/Viewer is compatible with all 32- and 64-bit Windows OS's and all Acrobat-standard PDF files. PDF SafeLock fully supports Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe environments.

PDF SafeLock includes three components:
PDF SafeLock secures PDF documents with on-the-fly 128-bit encryption prior to transmisson from server to client and automatically decrypts PDFs in client memory. With encryption keys that are unique for each licensee, you can add an impenetrable layer of protection against unauthorized access to your organization's confidential information.
SafeLock Server runs as a Windows Service and includes a configuration manager that allows administrators to manage PDF document security.
SafeLock Explorer is a Windows Explorer-like client component for navigating non-shared server folders (added via SafeLock Server) containing sensitive PDFs.
SafeLock Viewer is a custom PDF document viewer that allows users to securely view PDF documents listed in SafeLock Explorer.