Organize your screen captures with ScreenPrint's complete Image Cataloging System. You can also catalog images saved in other applications by importing them into ScreenPrint catalogs.

Create catalogs for your personal or business images and organize all your screen shots and other pics by subject without ever leaving ScreenPrint.

This is a genuine cataloging system that's independent of Windows folders, so images saved in different folders can be assigned to the same catalog.

When you open a catalog, its images are displayed in ScreenPrint just like your screen captures.

You can create as many catalogs as you wish and rename or delete them as required. You can also remove images from catalogs and move them from one catalog to another.

All images captured from the Web are saved in catalogs as Visual Bookmarks, so getting back to orginating Web pages is just a mouse click away. You can even attach notes to cataloged Web images and review and edit them at any time.
                                           So all of ScreenPrint's functions (Thumbnail Viewer, Email, MS Paste, Editor, Printing, etc.) are at your disposal.