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Review by Scott A. May
July, 1997
ScreenPrint Gold 2.0 Reinvents the 'Print Screen' Button

This program is a fantastic replacement to the Print Screen key, which works in DOS but is almost worthless in Windows. It's similar to regular screen capturing utilities, but it's actually far more functional. ScreenPrint provides 13 different screen capturing methods, including the ability to capture and print a full screen, active window, client area or any user-defined area. ScreenPrint can work in both Windows and DOS.

ScreenPrint Gold is a background application that lets you print, save, fax, or e-mail shap shots of your screen with a single press of the Print Screen key. These snapshots can be set for fulls screen, active window, client area, or any user-defined portion of your screen. The program supports whatever video resolution or color depth is currently employed, with options for gray scale and negative captures. You can also set a timer with optional delay to capture shots that might prevent-or respond negatively to-keyboard input.

Screen captures are displayed as thumbnail images, stored temporarily until saved to disk. The program supports 15 graphics file formats, including BMP, PCX, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and MAC. The Auto-Save feature automatically names and saves all thumbnails when you exit the program. Likewise, Auto-Delete will dump images held in temporary storage. The History Viewer displays a thumbnail catalog of all saved images, from which you can print, fax, or e-mail as desired. E-mail attachments are viewed as actual thumbnails in your mail program.

ScreenPrint Gold also provides built-in image editing, allowing you to crop, resize, flip, mirror, and rotate captures. Other editing features let you adjust color hue and saturation, gamma correction, and contrast and brightness; create halftones; shear images; and apply special effects such as mosaic, blur, sharpen, posterize, and emboss. There's also a batch-conversion utility that can change the graphics format of multiple files at once.

Practical uses for ScreenPrint Gold include desktop publishing, online help, training manuals, presentations, and Web page design, to name just a few. As a basic screen-shot utility, it's as easy as they come. New with version 2.01 (which should be available by the time you read this) is the ability to capture entire scrolling Web pages in one fell swoop. Its only limitation is capturing MS-DOS screens, which may be displayed in a window.

Overall, ScreenPrint Gold 2.0 is a versatile utility that transforms the Print Screen key into a powerful, creative, and productive tool."