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Review by Yardena Adar
July, 1997
ScreenPrint Gold: Great Screen Grabs, Nice Price

"If you've ever tried to reproduce an image from your monitor by pressing the Print Screen key, then you know that solution leaves much to be desired. For one thing, you'll have to do a lot of cutting and pasting. And it's not easy to use Windows' Paint applet to do fancier tasks like image editing or saving a portion of the screen.

ScreenPrint Gold gives you these functions and more. Other utilities, such as TechSmith's $40 SnagIt, also make generating screen shots easy, but the $35 (street price) ScreenPrint Gold offers some very handy extras: a thumbnail viewer, one-click attachment of files to e-mail messages, a simple but useful image editor, and an autotimer that generates screens at 10-second or longer intervals. ScreenPrint Gold does an outstanding job for a very reasonable price."