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Review by Nick Smith
December, 2001

"This program is a fantastic replacement to the Print Screen key, which works in DOS but is almost worthless in Windows. It's similar to regular screen capturing utilities, but it's actually far more functional. ScreenPrint provides 13 different screen capturing methods, including the ability to capture and print a full screen, active window, client area or any user-defined area. ScreenPrint can work in both Windows and DOS."

To capture a screen image, you simply press the normal Print Screen key. The program also offers a built-in timer for delayed captures. You can capture multiple images, and view them either as thumbnails or full-size images. You can print or fax them on the spot, or save them for future use. Printed images can include timestamps and captions, and there's a paper saver option that prints multiple images on the same page.

ScreenPrint is filled with unique features. There's a handy image editor for touching up and applying special effects. You can batch convert images to standard graphics formats and organize them into catalogs. In addition, images captured from the Web automatically become "visual bookmarks," which include hyperlinks and your own comments. Finally, captured images can be instantly inserted into a Word document or PowerPoint slide. Try doing that with the normal Print Screen key!

This version, ScreenPrint Gold is offered as freeware. A more functional Platinum edition is available for purchase at the developer's Web site."