ScreenPrint Is
The Choice Of Organizations Like
Bristol Myers Squibb
Fed. Aviation Admin.
Lucent Technologies
Michelin Tire Co
Sony Electronics
Stanford University
TRW Systems
US Air Force
Xerox Corp

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Enterprise User List
Why do the US Army, the US Department of Health, US Bank, the US Postal Service and so many other US's use ScreenPrint?

Because they all need to capture, print and/or share important business information that's visible on their screens but buried deep in their databases – and they need to do it quickly, efficiently, effortlessly!

ScreenPrint may be the perfect solution to a problem that's causing a serious loss of productivity in your organization.

Because ScreenPrint enables your PrintScreen key, a single keystroke will print or email anything you see on your screen, whether graphics or important business information.
This makes it a snap to share images and data among your company's co-workers and departments and with colleagues and clients in far off places.
For example, all data entry programs allow you to enter and display single records on-screen, but many do not allow you to instantly print or transmit the information you see on your screen.
It's a real productivity set-back when you have to produce time-consuming reports just because you can't print or save what you see on your screen and share it with other individuals or departments in your company. Add ScreenPrint and just press your Print Screen key to get your data entry program to work exactly the way your business does.
ScreenPrint will make your PrintScreen key live up to its name . . . and much more! As one reviewer put it, "Practical uses for ScreenPrint are limited only by your imagination."
See how real businesses are solving real productivity problems with ScreenPrint. The solution to one of their problems just may be the solution to yours.
Partial List (alphabetically) of
Business, Public Agency and Educational Licensees
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Document Production
Training manuals, user guides, brochures, catalogs, etc.
Manufacturers, public agencies, software publishers, catalogers, etc.
Electronic Production
Web site design, online help files, presentations, tech support, etc.
Web designers, software publishers, technical support, etc.
Printing DOS/Citrix Screens
Printing and sharing records displayed in full DOS screens; workstations connected to mainframes

Public agencies, private companies, educational institutions, military, etc.