"Elegant, slick, & easy to use software. I've tried dozens of screen capture programs, and yours is tops."
          D. Lindquist, BC

"All I wanted to do was register a new mouse and print the registration screens as I completed them. After reviewing numerous other programs and downloading a few, I came across this one . . . nirvana! You can actually just hit the print screen key and 3 seconds later it actually prints a beautiful, perfect hard copy! Yikes! It works!"
            R. Daniels, MT

"I downloaded your software not knowing exactly how it would be useful to me. I found out today when I had to make a copy of my income tax number to obtain a rebate. There was absolutely no way to print the number out of the program. I simply started ScreenPrint --pushed the printscrn button on my keyboard and printed my entire screen (wallpaper, taskbar with the clock showing the time and date , and my name assigned to their program). Fantastic and so easy to use."
             L. Nichols, CA


Flexible Output Options
  Print, capture, print and capture, capture to email or file anything you see on your screen with a single keystroke.
All-In-One Interface
  Every function is easy to select and it's easy to see what's selected. You'll love racing your mouse around ScreenPrint's intelligent design!
Easy To Use
  Single-screen optional EZ-Setup plus Auto-Memory automatically "remembers" your favorite settings.
12 Image Capture Methods
  Capture or print the full screen, active window, client area or any area of the screen you select in an adjustable rectangle or circle. SuperScoll captures or prints the entire contents of Web pages that scroll off the bottom of your screen. And with ScreenPrint's unique ability to print and capture full DOS screens, you can make your data entry system instantly print, save, e-mail or fax on-screen records and work the way your business works!
Built-in PDF Converter
  Convert your screen shots into high-resolution PDF files. Select multiple images and ScreenPrint will automatically convert them into a single PDF file. Adobe not required.
Thumbnail Viewer
  Multi-mode high resolution graphical thumbnail viewer with 3-size thumbnail selector. Select from fast-loading small thumbnails to big hi-res thumbnails.
  Select and click — that's all it takes to insert an image into an MS Word document or PowerPoint slide. Save loads of time producing training manuals, brochures, presentations, homework assignments or any other documentation.
Image Cataloging System
  Create catalogs for organizing and retrieving all your saved screen shots as well as images saved in other applications. All images captured from the Web are cataloged as visual bookmarks.
  Save all your current settings to a "profile" that you can load with a single mouse click. No need to change individual capture and printer settings for a particular job just to change them all back to your generally preferred configuration. Save different profiles with special settings to capture stock quotes, tech support messages, web page images, print to a non-default printer, etc.
Automatic Visual Bookmarks
  Images captured from the Web are automatically turned into visual bookmarks. You can add your own comments to each image and return to their URL's to grab more images and information with a click of your mouse.
Uninterrupted Capturing, Printing or Emailing
  Whether you're capturing images in Windows or full DOS screens, ScreenPrint allows you to continuously capture, print or email images and easily review your work at any time or at the end of your session.
  A single click launches your preferred e-mail program and attaches one or more selected images to a new message.
Image Editor
  Customize and add 27 special effects to your captured images or images saved in other applications. ScreenPrint can also be configured to open images in your preferred image editor (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc.).
QuickSave and Auto-Delete
  Very quickly save selected images you want to keep and delete those you want to discard.
Versatile Printing Options
  Print images with captions, date- and time-stamps, stretch images to full page, print as many as possible on each page (paper saver) and print thumbnail catalogs of all or selected thumbnails.
Auto-Capture Timer
  Automatically capture images every specified number of seconds without user intervention.
  You captured but haven't saved 100 images, your system locks up and you have to reboot. No problem! The next time you start ScreenPrint all will be recovered.
  Create keyboard hotkey combinations for any Windows capture method (Full Screen, Active Window, etc.).
Graphic Formats
  Capture and save images to the seven most popular graphic formats (GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PCX, TIFF and TGA). The built-in image Batch Converter allows you to convert multiple images from one format to another.
  ScreenPrint Platinum is compatible with all Windows 32- and 64-bit OS's (Windows 95 through Windows 10), all Windows Server versions, Windows Terminal Server, Citrix, any printer and any installed email client.
Special Business Features
One-Step Client/Server Installation
  Install ScreenPrint on your server and share its folder. That's it! Now as many workstations as you license can run ScreenPrint. No files to install or upgrades on workstations!   Read More
System Safety
  ScreenPrint registers no components in the Windows Registry nor shares any components with other applications, eliminating potential file corruptions, conflicts and crashes.   Read More
Zero Learning Curve
  ScreenPrint can be set up to automatically run minimized on Windows startup and pre-configured with locked settings so it is totally transparent to users. Just press the Print Screen key to print the screen no learning curve required!
Password Protection Security Feature
  The Password Protection feature is designed for companies that want to limit users to printing screens only and to prevent users from capturing/saving sensitive on-screen company information. Password Protection prevents users from accessing ScreenPrint's features and configuration without entering a password set up by an administrator.
Organizing Printouts
  ScreenPrint can print the User Name as well as the time/date stamp on each printout very handy for identifying print job owners when multiple users are printing to a network printer.
Smart Memory
  ScreenPrint remembers "on-the-fly" user settings from session to session, including the last printer and printer settings selected.
Pre-Configure Email Message Settings
  Email "To" and "Subject" fields can be pre-configured so that clients can email screen shots to your help desk with a single keystroke.
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