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Check out ScreenPrint Platinum's MS Paste function for speeding up MS Word document production and presentations created in PowerPoint.

There are so many uses for ScreenPrint
No matter how you use it, ScreenPrint will improve your bottom line by increasing your productivity
Internet Web site design
Software Publishers help files and user guides
Any Company
training manuals, presentations
graphic design, desktop publishing
Tech Support/Help Desk
capturing, emailing, printing error screens
easily add images to homework assignments
Any Organization
printing and sharing on-screen records
online legal research, citations
schematics, diagrams, technical manuals
DOS Software
capture and print full DOS screens
bulletins, document production, training manuals
Mail Order Companies
catalog and brochure production

"Almost anyone could find at least one productive use for this product.

Practical uses for ScreenPrint are limited only by your imagination: Desktop publishing, online help, training manuals, presentations, and Web page design, to name just a few."