For Technical Support, Product Information, and Volume Licensing Quotes, please call us at: 425-653-2432 or email us at
"I find your response time remarkable. If your product has as much class as your responsiveness, I will have no worry! Thanks so much for your great support."
K. Matejka, CA

"I don't believe in my years of working with computers and software that I have met any support group such as yours who really exemplifies what "Customer Service" is all about."
B. Thompson, FL

"Thanks for the quick response. I work in a ISP Tech Support position and I know what it feels like if I do not hear anything back from a vendor. THANKS A MILLION, that's how you keep customers happy."
D. Miller, PA

"There is another software company in Redmond that could take lessons from your company on application features and customer service."
J. Stoxen, NY

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