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ScreenPrint Gold wins the coveted Win100 award for one of the best 100 software products of the year

On behalf of Windows Magazine, allow us to be the first to congratulate you. Windows Magazine Editors have selected ScreenPrint Gold 2.5 to receive the presigious Win 100 award.

We believe that the Win 100 is the single highest honor a PC product can receive. Selection criteria are brutally tough, based on real-world usability and overall design and engineering excellence. Our panel of knowledgeable, experienced judges is incredibly hard to please. Any flaw can knock an otherwise great product out of the running.

It's a credit it your entire company that this product has been selected for this high recognition.

Our technical, advanced readers consider the Win 100 each year as the last word on what to buy. They keep the issue for months and use it to guide their business purchases throughout the year. It's the PC hardware-and-software-buying bible. We're very proud of that. But it's also a tremendous responsibility, one we take very seriously.

Again, may we extend hearty congratulations on recognition well deserved.

Mike Elgin, Editor
Patricia Schnaidt, Editorial Director & Associate Publisher
Dan Schwartz, Publishing Director