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ScreenPrint Gold is honored on Windows Magazine acclaimed WinList for three consecutive years

"Finding the right mix of features in a print-screen utility can be a very personal issue. Some users prefer the leanest application possible, while others look for space-age innovations. ScreenPrint Gold 2.0 offers both ease of use and a range of usable features that will inject new energy into your keyboard's Print Screen key.

It's simple to configure ScreenPrint Gold to suit your needs. For instance, if you prefer not to print images immediately, the program will cleverly display them in a thumbnail viewer in BMP format.

You can also select how much of the screen to capture, and employ Grayscale and Negative options. For applications that override the Print Screen function, AutoCapture lets you specify the number of seconds to elapse before the program captures an image. When you save and exit the program, your screenshots become part of the History file, which you can later view and manipulate.

The Image Editor allows you to rotate or flip an image, convert it to grayscale, or adjust hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, color depth and gamma correction. In addition, you can modify an image's angle by degrees and apply special effects. The program supports 15 file formats, including IMG, JPG, PCX, RAS, TGA and WPG. Batch-conversion options are available for selected files.

ScreenPrint's PicturE-Mail feature can send (but not receive) e-mail messages with attachments, transmit messages with MIME or UUCODE encoding and maintain a log file of sent messages. ScreenPrint Gold 2.0's feature set outweighs that of CaptureEze97. It offers the unique History Viewer, supports more file formats and has more powerful image-editing tools. ScreenPrint Gold 2.0, with its array of features and Internet capabilities, leapfrogs CaptureEze and takes its place as our WinList screen-print utility.

Bottom Line: Do more than ever with Print Screen"