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Tech Support by Email       Tech Support by Phone: 425-653-2432
Check this FAQ for the answers to your questions. It can save you an email or call for tech support.
Which key do I press to capture or print my screen?
With which versions of Windows does ScreenPrint work?
Why do I get muliple captures and/or printouts when I press the Print Screen key?
Nothing prints or captures when I press the Print Screen key. What's wrong?
How do I send faxes from ScreenPrint?
Why do I get a capture or printout the first time I press the print Screen key, but sometimes I get nothing the second time I press it?
Can I get ScreenPrint to start automatically every time Windows starts?
Can I get ScreenPrint to close when I shut down Windows without the program asking me if I want to save unsaved images?
Why is the Mouse Selected Region capture method capturing the wrong area of my screen?
Can ScreenPrint capture screens from DVD?
How do I get ScreenPrint's email function to work? When I click on Email on the menu bar, no email program is listed.
Will ScreenPrint's PicturE-mail work with AOL or other Internet email services? Does my mail program have to be MAPI-enabled?
Can ScreenPrint capture and/or print full DOS screens?
I'm running an older game that runs in a full DOS window. Why can't I get ScreenPrint to capture any screens?
Do I have to be connected to the Internet in order to open the ScreenPrint Help file?
Do any files have to be copied to workstations in a client/server installation?
Does ScreenPrint register anything in the Windows Registry?
How do I uninstall ScreenPrint if I need to?
Will ScreenPrint work with my printer? Why isn't it printing some of the images or printing only partial images?
After starting ScreenPrint, I move my mouse around my screen and the colors keep changing and reversing. What's wrong?
Why does the ScreenPrint icon on the taskbar keep disappearing.
Why do I get an "Access Violation" error or no capture/printout when I press the Print Screen key? Why does the Print Screen key work the first time I press it but not after that?
Why do screen captures of streaming video in Windows Media Player and Real Player come out black?
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