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Bristol Myers Squibb
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Reseller Application

Did you ever consider how many of your accounts are unable to quickly print and share information visible on the screen? Take a moment to consider it now, because the demand for a solution will more than surprise you it will stagger your imagination!

Why is a print screen solution important to so many of your customers? One word Productivity! Users waste a lot of time running a full-scale report every time they need to print a single on-screen record and a lot of enterprises need to do this all this time. ScreenPrint allows users to instantly print on-screen records simply by pressing the Print Screen key that saves a lot time.

Many of your biggest customers run legacy DOS data entry, accounting and other applications in full DOS screens. Many run applications in Citrix WinFrame or MetaFrame or are otherwise connected to a Mainframe. Whatever the reason their Print Screen keys won't work as labelled, they need the productivity boost ScreenPrint provides by allowing them to instantly print and share on-screen data. Simply put, ScreenPrint accommodates the natural workflow of your customers' businesses.

Many of your accounts don't know there's a solution to their problem. Few resellers know there's a widespread need for a print screen solution and have been missing out on the opportunity to sell high-volume site licenses to their corporate and government accounts. Take a look at our partial list of enterprise users some of our customers may be some of yours!

Many resellers have already joined us and have had great success simply by making their customers aware of the ScreenPrint solution. Please fill out our Authorized Reseller Application Form or call us at 425.653.2432 and we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities.