How to do I configure ScreenPrint's optional settings?

Most of ScreenPrint's settings are accessible in the main window (Capture Method, Print and/or Capture, etc.). ScreenPrint also includes optional settings if you want to use any of the program's additional features.

To access ScreenPrint's optional settings, click Setup on the menubar to open the Configuration window. Click on each option on the Configuration window above for an explanation.

How do I configure my printer?
Click Setup on the menubar and then click Printer to open the Print Setup window, which allows you to select a printer, portrait or landscape printing, paper size, etc.

Note: ScreenPrint will always print to the printer you select in the Print Setup window even after you close the program. In other words, ScreenPrint "remembers" your selected printer and print settings from session to session rather than reverting to your Windows default printer from session to session.

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