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ScreenPrint Platinum

Screen Capture Software

One Keystroke!

One Keystroke!

That's all it takes to capture, print, email, or save anything you see on your screen.

One Keystroke!
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ScreenPrint Platinum screenshot tool

Powerful Features,
Remarkably Easy to Use

Proven reliability since 1997.

Licensed by many of the world's largest corporations, universities, and government agencies [read more].

Works as easily on your organization’s servers as it does on your home computer.

Download your free fully-functional 30-day trial today!

Perfect for Business, Works Great at Home

Businesses and individual users have relied on ScreenPrint Platinum's power, ease of use, and reliability since 1997.

ScreenPrint Platinum has a full array of screen capture, print, and save options including, a built-in PDF converter, a hi-res thumbnail viewer, a versatile image cataloger, editor, and many other features that increase productivity.

ScreenPrint Platinum is as safe as it is reliable as no components are registered in the Windows Registry or shared with other applications.

Remote Desktop Screen Capture

ScreenPrint Platinum is fully compatible with Citrix and Windows Terminal Server (RDS).

If your organization has difficulties grabbing screenshots in remote sessions, ScreenPrint Platinum is your solution.

ScreenPrint Platinum Editor's Pick Award

"It has a huge advantage in that it can be installed on a server or on workstations and also supports Windows Terminal Server (RDS) and Citrix."


ScreenPrint Platinum is the only screen capture software designed for enterprise use. Optional server-only or workstation installations with support for thin clients and roaming profiles make ScreenPrint Platinum the number one enterprise choice.

ScreenPrint Platinum is compatible with all Windows 32- and 64-bit OS's (Windows 95 through Windows 11), all Windows Server versions, Windows Terminal Server (RDP), Citrix, any printer, and any installed email client.

The cost of a single-user license is a one-time charge of $27.95 and includes lifetime support. Request a quote for volume licensing or government and educational discounts.

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