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There are so many uses for ScreenPrint Platinum!
No matter how you use it, ScreenPrint Platinum will improve your bottom line by increasing your productivity!
  • Internet web site design

  • Software Publishers help files and user guides

  • Any Company training manuals, presentations

  • Designers graphic design, desktop publishing

  • Tech Support/Help Desk capturing, emailing, printing error messages

  • Students easily add images to homework assignments

  • Any Organization printing and sharing on-screen records

  • Attorneys online legal research, citations

  • Engineering schematics, diagrams, technical manuals

  • DOS Software capture and print full DOS screens

  • Government bulletins, document production, training manuals

  • Mail Order Companies catalog and brochure production

"Almost anyone could find at least one productive use for this product.

Practical uses for ScreenPrint are limited only by your imagination: Desktop publishing, online help, training manuals, presentations, and Web page design, to name just a few."

.              . . Scott A. May, Reviewer

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