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Unparalleled Cost of Ownership

ScreenPrint Platinum means business! How? We designed it to minimize the drain on your IT Department and eliminate potential conflicts with other programs running on your application server and workstations. In short, we designed it to minimize the cost of ownership! After all, savvy business folks know that over the long haul, enterprise software costs a whole lot more than the initial purchase price. We designed ScreenPrint Platinum to make the long haul infinitely easy on your budget. Here' how . . .

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Client/Server Installation: The word "client" doesn't belong in ScreenPrint Platinum's client/server installation. Install one copy on your server and create a desktop shortcut on each workstation to ScreenPrint Platinum's shared folder. End of story! You'll be handling other important business while your competitors are spending the day installing and configuring our competitors' software on every blasted workstation in the house.

Maintenance: Actually, Zero-Maintenance is more applicable. What would you expect with only one copy of ScreenPrint Platinum running over your entire network? And you won't have to worry about conflicts between ScreenPrint Platinum and any other applications — but that brings us to the next subject . . .

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System Safety and Compatibility: Think about DLL's, OCX's, the Windows Registry, application, and upgrade conflicts. With ScreenPrint Platinum, that's exactly what you won't have to think about. Zero registered components mean zero shared components, so Windows OS and application upgrades will have absolutely no effect on ScreenPrint Platinum and ScreenPrint Platinum and its upgrades will have absolutely no effect on them. We admit it, ScreenPrint Platinum doesn't share. But when it comes to software and your pocketbook, that's very sociable behavior!

Support: We don't have to tell you how important good support is. While most of our competitors are in the shareware business and have day jobs, The Software Labs has been in the commercial software business since 1986. That means you can always depend on us to be available when you need us, by web form, phone, or email. But don't expect to pay us a lot of money for annual service contracts, because we provide full support for ScreenPrint Platinum at no extra charge — forever!

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