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"ScreenPrint really shines. I was using another program for my screen captures and this by far is a much more polished product."
                     J. Forman, NJ

"I commend you for a very excellent product."
              R. Wells, Dharhan

"You guys did a great job in creating such a lean and fast software. I will recommend it to all my friends."
               H. Mansberg, NC

"I was very impressed with its ease of use. The ease of capturing images and pasting them into Word and ending up with a document of 100K instead of 4MB was more than I could resist."
                C. McGowan, AU

"I downloaded your free copy of "Gold" after reading about your product in the Wall Street Journal. After using the "Platinum" version for 2 days, I was so impressed that I ordered on line."
                  E. Jennings, TX

"I really love this program. A must have for anyone. Thanks a million."
                   J. Margolis, AR

"Fantastic product and the screenshots print out great from within Adobe PageMaker."
                         S. Geis, TX

"It is simply one of the great pleasures of the Universe to have a program so indispensable, and friendly as Screen Print -- one that actually works exactly as advertised."
              P. Moran, PhD, WI


We are happy to announce that ScreenPrint Platinum has been awarded a special Recommendation badge by Free Download Manager according to the users' reviews!  [click]


"It has a huge advantage in that it can be installed on a server or on workstations and also supports Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe. It also does not register any components in the Windows Registry or share any components with other applications..." [click]


ScreenPrint Platinum earns highest award! "ScreenPrint Platinum's rich set of features will save you valuable time and effort. Thanks to its simple and efficient design, everyone can use this application, including beginners."


Straight Talking Column
My Favorite Things - Barry Fox

"I love software that does a simple job well. ScreenPrint Platinum does what Windows should do, and prints an image from the Print Screen key."


ScreenPrint Platinum win's Editor's Choice award from Softmag Online Magazine, Norway's leading online computer publication.


ScreenPrint Gold wins the coveted Win100 award for "Best 100 Software Products of the Year"

[read more]


ScreenPrint Gold is honored on Windows Magazine's acclaimed WinList for three consecutive years [read more]


ScreenPrint Gold wins the PEI Cool2 Award for one of the "Most Desirable Imaging Products of the Year"  [read more]


"ScreenPrint Gold does an outstanding job for a very reasonable price"  [read more]


"ScreenPrint Gold is a versatile utility that transforms the Print Screen key into a powerful, creative and productive tool"  [read more]


"Believe me, if there's a screen capture program on the market, I've tried it. There are other decent programs, to be sure, but none are as transparent as ScreenPrint Gold, and of course, none offer as many nice features. More than anything, I think ScreenPrint Gold takes the whole business of screen captures out of the realm of hardcore hackers and into the mainstream. Almost anyone could find at least one productive use for this product."

...Scott A. May, author of Computer Shopper review and owner of CompuSoft Consulting


"This program is a fantastic replacement to the Print Screen key. . . It's similar to regular screen capturing utilities, but it's actually far more functional."   [read more]

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