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Upgrades & Updates

Upgrading to the latest version

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Revision History

New Features, Changes, Fixes, Enhancements

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that resolves conflicts between ScreenPrint Platinum and some newer Windows applications running under Windows 10, and 11.

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused a repeated access violation error on some systems running Windows 8.

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that caused ScreenPrint Platinum to shut down unexpectedly on some systems running Windows 8.

New Feature: Dual monitor support. Capture images on the primary or secondary monitor and images that extend across both monitors.

Bug Fix: Minor bug fixes.

New Feature: Code optimized for latest Windows OS's; improved Internet Explorer 9 support.

New Feature: Improved Citrix, thin client, and roaming profile support.

Removed Feature: Zoom Capture did not play well with Windows 7 and has been removed. This was a legacy feature included in 1997 for the vision-impaired. Since browsers and most major applications have for years featured a zoomed view, Zoom Capture is no longer of benefit as a screen capture method.

Bug Fix: Minor bug fixes.

Bug Fix: PDFs are now properly exported to any folder that is not restricted by User Account Control.

Changed Feature: ScreenPrint Platinum minimizes to the System Tray (Notification Area) instead of the Task Bar.

Version 5.0

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Version 4.9.5

New Feature: "Email Only" output option — a screenshot can be attached to an email message immediately after pressing the Print Screen key.

New Feature: Email "To" and "Subject" fields can be preset and automatically filled in when attaching images to email messages.

Version 4.9.4

Compatibility: All features are now compatible with Windows Vista.

Version 4.9.2

Changed Feature: Top right "X" button minimizes ScreenPrint Platinum to the System Tray instead of exiting the program. To exit, right-click the System Tray icon and click Exit.

Version 4.9

New Feature: ScreenPrint Platinum's Setup now includes an option to show each image after it is captured.

New Feature: ScreenPrint Platinum's configuration files are now saved by default in \My Documents\ScreenPrint. This change facilitates compatibility with ScreenPrint Platinum running on a Windows 2000/XP/2003 server and thin client configurations.

Version 4.8

New Feature: ScreenPrint Platinum's PrinterSetup.cfg file, which stores information about the selected printer, is now saved to the \ScreenPrint folder instead of the \Program Files\ScreenPrint folder. When ScreenPrint is installed on a server, this allows different users to select different local or network printers.

New Feature: ScreenPrint Platinum's SPG.INI file, which stores information about the location of ScreenPrint Platinum's configuration file, is now saved to the My Documents folder instead of \Program Files\ScreenPrint. This eliminates problems with user permissions when selecting the configuration folder location under Windows 2000 and XP.

Version 4.7
New Feature: Select the default storage folder for saving images.

Bug Fix: Fixed problem of ScreenPrint Platinum suddenly freezing and then closing under certain circumstances.

Version 4.6
New Feature: Select the drive/folder in which ScreenPrint Platinum's configuration and catalog files are saved (previously they could only be saved in C:\ScreenPrint).

Version 4.5
New Feature: Remember the last selected printer and all printer settings in the Print Setup window.

New Feature: Print workstation User Name in Print Only mode.

Bug Fix: Can now capture Web pages with URLs exceeding 256 characters.

Version 4.3
New Feature: Print Time/Date stamp in Print Only mode.

Bug Fix: Eliminated GetDIB error occurring on some Win2000, NT, and XP systems.

Version 4.2
New Feature: Password Protection for the ScreenPrint Platinum icon in the System Tray. The purpose is to allow administrators to configure ScreenPrint Platinum to start automatically with Windows, minimize in the Systray and Print Only (not capture) when the Print Screen key is pressed. Users will be unable to restore ScreenPrint Platinum to their displays without entering a password and therefore will be unable to change the configuration or use the program to capture sensitive company information.

New Feature: ScreenPrint Platinum's configuration files are no longer located in the Windows temp folder.

Bug Fix: When opening a catalog, the currently opened catalog will now close.

Bug Fix: Fixed problem capturing DOS screens when ScreenPrint Platinum is minimized.

Version 4.0
New Feature: Image Cataloging System: Create catalogs for organizing and retrieving all your saved screenshots as well as images saved in other applications. All images captured from the Web are cataloged as visual bookmarks. Other changes in v4.0 include minor bug fixes and internal performance enhancements.

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